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PIA ROSE  Gentle Hair Removal depilatory powder represents a new method of hair removal. It provides excellent results without pain, skin irritation or breakouts. For use on hands, legs, belly, chest, back, armpits or intimate parts. Suitable for both women and men, irrespective of hair thickness and quantity.


Before use, please read the instructions for use and precautions included in the package.

Mix and apply: in the bowl, mix the powder with some warm water. Use the measuring cup and follow measuring ratio 3:1. After obtaining a smooth and thick cream, apply it to the skin area you want to remove hair from.

Wait a few minutes: leave the mixture on the skin for 5 minutes or longer if the hair is thicker, but not more than 7 minutes.

Gently remove hair.

Using circular motions, rub the entire area using your hand and some water.

Rinse the skin.

Thoroughly rinse the area you removed hair from with water.

Determining quantities

The quantity of depilatory powder required depends on the hair growth and thickness. The mixing ratio is 3:1 (3 units of powder to 1 unit of water).

An approximate quantity of powder required for:

Both armpits or bikini area (women): 60ml.

Both armpits and chest (men): 120ml.

Both legs and bikini area (women): 240ml.

Before use, please read the instructions for use and precautions included in the package.

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